Contested Modernity:
Place, Space and Culture

Vol. 44 No. 2 | September 2018

Author Title
Yi-Fu Tuan Cultural Diversity and the Ideal of Progress
Lin-chin Tsai Mapping Formosa:
Settler Colonial Cartography in Taiwan Cinema in the 1950s
John Armstrong Pastoral Place and Violence in Contemporary British Fiction
Shu-ching Chen Fear and Love in the Tide Country:
Affect, Environment, and Encounters
in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
Zi-Ling Yan Spatial Representation in Three Detective Fiction Subgenres
Ilsu Sohn Rewriting the Bildungsroman and
the Rise of Detective Fiction in The Moonstone
Tsung-Yi Michelle Huang, Szu-Yun Hsu, and Chun-Kai Woo Cooling China’s Body:
Herbal Cooling Tea and Cultural Regionalism in Post-SARS China
Literary and Cultural Criticism
Louis Lo Sexual/Textual Tendencies in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy
Youngjin Park Antiphilosophy, Philosophy, and Love:
Reading of “Tony Takitani” by Murakami Haruki
Suk Kim Song of Ariran and the Question of Translation
Khuman Bhagirath Jetubhai and Madhumita Ghosal Ungendered Narrative:
A New Genre in the Making
Kyoung-Lae Kang and Hyejong Yoo “Sindoan”:
Dissident Memories of Modern Korean History
in a Cinematic Revision of Korean Minjung Art