Documenting Asia Pacific

Vol. 39 No. 1 | March 2013

Author Title
Chi-hui Yang Documenting Asia Pacific
Annette Hamilton Witness and Recuperation: Cambodia’s New Documentary Cinema
Gaik Cheng Khoo Of Diminishing Memories and Old Places: Singaporean Films and the Work of Archiving Landscape
Celine Parrenas Shimizu Can the Subaltern Sing, and in a Power Ballad? Arnel Pineda and Ramona Diaz’s Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey
Fiona Lee Spectral History: Unsettling Nation Time in The Last Communist
Chialan Sharon Wang Confronting the Real, Construing Reality: Artistic Vision and Gaze in Jia Zhangke’s 24 City
Yu-lin Lee The Digital Emergence of a New History: The Archiving of Colonial Japanese Documentaries on Taiwan
Dispatches and Reflections
Amir Muhammad Three Documentary Ideas
Kong Rithdee On Documentary Film in Thailand
Hu Tai-Li (translated by Heng-Jui Chang) The Development of “Indigenous People Documentaries” in Early Twenty-first Century Taiwan, and the Concern with “Tradition”
Tsung-lung Tsai, Li-ping Yu, and Chin-yuan Ke (translated by Alvin Dahn) A Glimpse at the Development of the Environmental Documentary in Taiwan
Anita Wen-Shin Chang On the Communal Other: Collaborative Documentary Praxis in Joyful Life
Abé Mark Nornes The Crux
Kuei-fen Chiu Documentary Filmmaking as Ethical Production of Truth