Forms of Life, Forms of Death

Vol. 41 No. 1 | March 2015

Author Title
Han-yu Huang Forms of Life, Human and Non-human
Chien-heng Wu Form-of-Life between the Messianic As Not and the Hypothetical As If
Joyce C. H. Liu Aestheticization of Post-1989 Neoliberal Capitalism: From the Forms of Life to the Political Uses of Bodies
Kuan-Min Huang Form of Life and Landscape
Tsung-huei Huang On the Use of Animals in Contemporary Art:Damien Hirst’s “Abject Art” as a Point of Departure
Literary and Cultural Criticism
Shirley Geok-lin Lim The China Coda: Hegemons, Empires and Gaps in a Postcolonial Imaginary
Henk Vynckier A Tale of Two Diaries: Robert Hart’s Encounter with “Mont Blanc Albert” in Canton, Sept. 1858