Intermediality in Global and Sinophone Contexts

Vol. 43 No. 2 | September 2017

Author Title
Yomi Braester Digital Geopolitics: Intermediality and New Media in East Asia
Melissa Mei-Lin Chan Mail-Order Brides and Methamphetamines:
Sinophone Burmeseness in Midi Z’s Burma Trilogy
Cosima Bruno Breaking Language Down:
Taiwan Sound Poetry and Its Ways of Saying
Shao-Hung Teng Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? Reinventing Intermedial Urban Space in Early 1980s Taiwan
Yunwen Gao Sounding Shanghai:
Sinophone Intermediality in Jin Yucheng’s Blossoms
Jecheol Park Korean Shamanic Experience in the Age of Digital Intermediality:
Park Chan-kyong’s Manshin
Rui Kunze Cross-Media, Cross-Promotion:
Intermediality and Cultural Entrepreneurism in Postsocialist China
Laura Vermeeren Chinese Calligraphy in the Digital Realm:
Aesthetic Perfection and Remediation of the Authentic
Heather Inwood Screening the In-Between:
Intermediality and Digital Dystopianism in Contemporary Chinese Film and Fiction
Angie Chau “An Archivist’s Fantasy Gone Mad”:
The Age of Exhibition in Cao Fei’s Posthuman Trilogy
Literary and Cultural Criticism
Duncan McColl Chesney An Essay against Global Literature:
Literature and the Global Public
Justin Prystash “The Misplaced Familiar”:
Aesthetic Crisis in China Miéville’s The City & The City
Molly Schwartz “To Stand a Chance”:
Quantum Uncertainty and Religious Conversion
in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission