Memories on the Move: Asian Connections

Vol. 42 No. 1 | March 2016

Author Title
Wilburn Hansen Japanese Nationalism and Cultural Memory:
Creating Memories of a Native Japanese Writing System
Tonglu Li Exploring the Cultural Memory of the Common People:
Desire, Violence, and Divinity in Mo Yan’s Sandalwood Death
Yanjie Wang Trauma, Migrant Families, and Neoliberal Fantasies
in Last Train Home
Christopher B. Patterson and Y-Dang Troeung The Psyche of Neoliberal Multiculturalism:
Queering Memory and Reproduction in Larissa Lai’s
Salt Fish Girl and Chang-rae Lee’s On Such a Full Sea
Jeffrey Mather Propaganda and Memory in Li Kunwu
and Philippe Ôtié’s A Chinese Life
Literary and Cultural Criticism
Shawn Normandin Speech, Writing, and Allegory
in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Dexu Zhang Uncomfortable Identity and Ethical Knowledge in V. S. Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival
Mzia Jamagidze and Nino Amiranashvili Georgian Literature since the Rose Revolution:
Old Traumas and New Agendas
Pei-lin Wu Dying to Be Immortal:
Jean Cocteau’s Orphic Trilogy