Uprisings and Revolutions in Global Context

Vol. 41 No. 2 | September 2015

Author Title
Han-yu Huang A Preliminary Theoretical Report on Anarchist Insurrectionary Imagination
Chien-heng Wu Determining the Determination:
Some Reflections on the Figure of the Two in the Discourse of Emancipation
Marcelo Svirsky BDS as a Mediator
Tony See Sin Heng Deleuze and Ikeda:
Rethinking the Subject of Revolution
Literary and Cultural Criticism
William Franke Agamben’s Logic of Exception and Its Apophatic Roots and Offshoots
Jaesik Chung “Where Angels Fear to Tread” in Deleuze and Bateson:
On a New Baroque of Plateaus and the Ecology of Non-Human Ecstasy
Feng Dong Spirit in Flame:
Anonymous Holiness in W. S. Merwin’s Poetry
Shuling Stéphanie Tsai Forging the Passage In and Out:
Zola and Deleuze on the Edge of the World